Top 5 Wide Basketball Shoes

For those of us with wider feet, finding the right basketball shoe can be difficult. Settling for a shoe that's even a hair too tight, can not only be uncomfortable, but it can throw off your game tremendously. In order for you to play at peak performance, shoes play a bigger role than most people are willing to admit. So, here we will determine the best basketball shoes for players with wide feet.

1. Adidas NEO Men’s Cloudfoam Wide Basketball Shoe

This synthetic wide basketball shoe is made for men with big feet. The rubber sole is durable, and provides additional support for athletes. The tongue, collar, and rear of the shoe, are all made of airmesh, promoting breathability. There are three stylish silver stripes on the outside of the black and white pair. The sock-liner on the inside of the shoe, is comfortable and moisture resistant.

2. Nike Men’s The Air Overplay 9 Basketball Shoe

These synthetic Nike Overplays come in a variety of colors, depending on the user's taste. They have a padded tongue, and the ankle support provided by these shoes is unmatched for those with large ankles and feet. The unique lacing design also ensures that the shoe hugs your feet, in a supportive manner. This helps to secure the foot efficiently, without leaving any excess space that can be uncomfortable. Lined on the bottom of the shoe, is plush material, giving the soles of your feet the comfortable support they desire.

3. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

This wide basketball shoe features responsive cushioning that matches the energy you put into it. It has a durable rubber sole that also provides additional grip. The rubber sole gives users additional support by fully locking in the feet. The lining within the shoe is plush, and comfortable, and adjusts generously to the size of your foot. The lacing style has been updated, so that less stress is placed on the laces themselves.

4. Fila Men’s City Wide 2 Basketball Shoe

This extra wide Fila men's basketball shoe, gives players with bigger feet the support they need to get around efficiently on the court. These Fila kicks are highly breathable, and designed with folks with larger feet in mind. It features a unique lacing system on the front of the shoe, so that the fit is both form-fitting and secure. The midsoles are extra cushioned for additional comfort. The sleek Fila logo is located both on the tongue, and the upper/outer side of the shoe.

5. Adidas Performance Isolation 2 Wide Basketball Shoe

These synthetic leather Adidas basketball shoes, provide a level of comfort that pleases basketball players with wider feet. The rubber soul gives users the extra grip that they need, to cut and drive to the hoop. They come in the traditional black and silver/white Adidas color scheme. The shoe is perforated, giving it breathability for both comfort and, so that bacteria does not build within your shoe. Although, it is not the sleekest in terms of design, it is great for getting the job done on the court, and can even be used as a casual pair of shoes off the court.


Finding the right pair of basketball shoes is hard enough, and if you have feet on the bigger side, the process can be even more strenuous. The shoes listed above, are not only highly rated on Amazon, but they are affordable and catered to those of us with larger limbs. We all know that even something as small as a pair of shoes, can take away the edge we need to prevail on the court. On the other hand, a great pair of shoes will help one to be even more versatile. Rather than limiting your movements, the right shoes will allow you to be the best player you can be.