Top 5 Pairs of Women's Basketball Shoes

Finding the right basketball shoe can be a difficult process. Not only are you looking for comfort, and ankle support, but grip and plenty of other things. Purchasing the wrong pair of shoes, could result in poor performance and injury as well. Every basketball player knows that they have cycled through pairs upon pairs of shoes, trying to find the perfect fit. Here, we will attempt to help you out, by identifying 5 basketball shoes for women worth checking out.

1. Under Armour Womens UA Torch Fade Basketball Shoes

This synthetic shoe is specially engineered to fit the natural shape of woman's feet. It is formed to hug narrower feet, and includes additional padding at the heel. The mesh tongue, not only provides comfort but promotes airflow. This lightweight shoe, also includes a toe cap in its design, for additional comfort and protection. The upper ankle support helps to prevent ankle injury, so that you can last the entire season and remain at the top of your game.

2. Adidas NEO Womens Performance Raleigh Basketball Sneaker

These Adidas sneakers are stylish, featuring a synthetic design with a rubber sole. They are high top shoes, giving users extensive ankle support. The textile lining within the shoe is comfortable, without getting in the way of optimal performance. The shiny, sleek design features 3 stripes that give off the feel of added flair. The rubber sole wraps around the shoe for all around protection.

3. Womens Nike Prime Hype DF2 Basketball Shoe

This dynamic pair of basketball shoes, are both lightweight and airflow promoting. As one of the nicest looking pairs of women's basketball shoes, it features a unique design that gives full ankle support. Both the upper and lower half of the shoe include “Breathe Tech” technology to increase airflow. While many shoes do not promote breathability, these shoes work while you play to increase comfort so that you are not distracted. The high-end outer sole, gives users the best in traction support.

4. Under Armour Women's UA Jet Basketball Shoes

This synthetic pair of women's basketball shoes come in a stylish black and pink design. The foam drop-down collar promotes ankle comfort, and the full range of support. The lightweight design increases both stability, as well as cutting performance. On the outside of the shoe, a high-end rubber sole exists, to give users additional support. These Under Armour shoes are extremely breathable, and do a great job ventilating while you play. Even the midsole, is highly cushioned, and features a unique sockliner.

5. Nike Women’s Hyperdunk 2016 TB Basketball Shoes

Here we have another synthetic basketball shoe, specifically designed to be form-fitting on women's feet. They are high tops, with perhaps an extra inch of length, for maximum ankle support. Many users report experiencing a level of comfort, they have never found, in another basketball shoe. They have a very thick outer rubber sole, that is great for gripping on the court. Women of all competition levels have spoken highly of this shoe. These Nike's are perfect for anything from AAU competition, to college play.


Shown above, are some of the most popular and highly rated women's basketball shoes that can be found and purchased on Amazon. Although finding the right pair of shoes can be troubling, and one or more pairs can be cycled through each season, once the right pair is found it is extremely relieving. A level of comfort that was never thought to have existed, can be enjoyed as soon as you zero in on the right pair. Not to mention, you will be able to peak at the top of your game, because rather than disabling you as a player your shoe will give you additional versatility. Make sure to go through a few pairs, and ask around in the meantime, so that you can find what you need. Your coach, and your feet, are sure to be impressed.