Top 5 Nike Low Tops For Basketball

It seems as though the classic low top style is in again on the court. Not only do these shoes provide a stylish retro fashion, but they can also give your game a boost. Although low tops might not provide the ankle support many of us are used to, after a period of adjustment you will find that the level of grip, and lightness, of these kicks is appreciable. Whether you are on the hunt for your first pair of low tops, or low tops are your go to shoe, here we will take a look at 5 of the best Nike low top basketball shoes.

1. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Basketball Shoe

These synthetic leather kicks feature a uniquely thick sole, for both comfort and support on the court. They come in many sizes and colors, and prominently display the Nike symbol on the outside of each pair. The “collar style” support around the ankle utilizes additional padding. These retro Air Force Ones are perfect for both on the court and off. They are stylish and versatile, as well as appropriate for many occasions, even for folks who don't play basketball. If classic low top Nike Basketball shoes are what you're after, you've found your pair.

2. Nike Air Baseline Low Leather Basketball Shoe

Nike Air Baselines are a classic low top shoe great for the court. They are a stylish, synthetic pair of shoes with a sole that provides additional support. The cushioned sole makes it easier for players to cut and drive. They have been seen to break in easily, compared to most basketball sneakers. Like many running shoes which look similar, these lightweight kicks are comfortable and decently priced.

3. Nike KD 8 Mens Basketball Shoes

The Nike KD 8’s, are a sleek pair of mesh basketball shoes. They have a rubber sole, and are uniquely constructed buy Nike through their “Flyweave” design. The forefoot of the shoe, features cabling called Flywire, which does not promote any discomfort, but gives the player additional support when cutting to the hoop. The rubber on the shoe adds to its durability, as well as any necessary traction while on the court.

4. Nike Men's Hyperlive Basketball Shoe

This mesh pair of Nikes is among the most breathable low tops on the market. One look at this pair of shoes, and you will see that air flow issues will simply not be an occurrence. The shoe itself comes in many different various color patterns, and the cross-hair design is stylish in itself. The cut design helps to promote a lightweight shoe, so that users can get from A to B in a quick manner.

5. Nike Men’s Air Mavin Low Basketball Shoe

This lightweight, low cut pair of Nike shoes hugs the forefoot comfortably, to provide a unique fit. It has a rubber sole, that is securely stitched onto the shoe, and gives players extra grip on the court. The sock liner helps to find a form fitting grip, that does not allow excess looseness within the shoe. The shoe comes in many different colors, one of the most popular being a stylish black and yellow.


Whether you are just looking for another pair of low tops, or you're new to low tops altogether, finding the right form fitting shoe is crucial to your performance as a basketball player. Do your research, and ask around, so that you can locate the right shoe. The shoes listed above, are not only affordable but stylish and highly rated low-cut basketball shoes available on Amazon. We all know how important shoes are to our game. On top of that, most players have experienced what it's like to buy a crappy pair of shoes, that seem to only drag our performance down. So, the right thing to do is try on a few pairs, so you can find a brand/version that is right for you. Your pull-up jumper is sure to thank you later!