Top 5 Brand Name Black Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are about so much more than basketball. A good pair of basketball shoes can inspire confidence in the athlete who wears them. They can teach young athletes discipline and attention to detail: take good care of your shoes and you’ll learn how to take good care of your game and your wellness. Some basketball shoes, though, are a little easier to take care of than others. A good pair of black basketball shoes from a trusted brand not only looks cool, but they don’t scuff or dirty the way white shoes would. Here are some of the best of the best in the world of black basketball shoes:

1. Brandblack Men J Crossover 2

If battles were fought on basketball courts (and the right fans will tell you that they are) these shoes would be the shoes that you would wear to fight. Everything from the reinforced toe detail to the spike style along the side of the heel to the solid black color screams tough and durable and that’s exactly what these shoes are. The brand logo is stamped in bold, deep gray fond across the tongue. The mesh on the side of the shoe also allows for breathability to keep your feet cool and your movements versatile as you pound up and down the court. These shoes are a durable, comfortable fit and they’re surprisingly affordable, too.

2. Under Armor Mens Curry 3

There are two black color schemes to this shoe. One is all black with clean white rubber soles. The other is a bold black and gold with matching black and gold laces and a streak of gold running across the sole. These shoes are, of course, designed for Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, who some marksmen have called “the greatest shooter ever.” His signature is found on the side of the shoe, just above the sole. 

The synthetic upper and sockliner molds to the foot to give a fit so comfortable it’s almost unnoticeable. Anti-friction lining keeps your foot cool, even in the middle of a game.

3. adidas Performance Mens Crazylight Boost 2.5

These shoes are lower than their competitors and have a sleek, bold silver and black color scheme. These shoes are imported and their look is high class. The upper is a breathable knit that forms around the foot comfortably, and the boost energy of the rubber soles helps to keep you light on your feet and slipping past the other team. The rubber soles also have one up on most black basketball shoes: these won’t scuff the floor of the court.

4. Jordan XX9

You can never go wrong with Jordans, but these are especially top notch. The signature Michael Jordan logo features to the side of the heels, silver against black leather rimmed with deep read, one of the “high performance model’s boldest looks.” You get the authenticity and quality of knowing this is a genuine pair of Jordans, and not only that, but probably the best pair of Jordan’s in existence yet. These are durable with a tough rubber sole and light weight, weighing in at just one pound, and the price is well worth the legacy that comes with them.

5. Nike Mens Zoom KD 9

This shoe comes in a variety of color schemes, including a solid black made with flyknit, rubber soles, and a tough come-at-me exterior. The breathable flyknit and the flex grooves allow for the constant stretchability and movement of an athlete in action, and a midfoot cage offers support as you move. Nike’s patented “Zoom Air” cushions make the shoes versatile for indoor and outdoor sports. These shoes are a comfortable, natural fit and strong enough quality to get you through your toughest season.

A good basketball shoe with a bold style is key to a player’s movement, their endurance, and their confidence. Black basketball shoes provide the convenience of not needing to be cleaned as much as any other color scheme and they give off a cool, don’t-mess-with-me sort of look. You don’t just need style, though. You need something durable and flexible, something that will carry you through the game. On the shelf, there are plenty of black basketball shoes that look like the might serve a player’s purpose. In the heat of the game, though, many of those shoes will wear down and give way. These shoes, however, will hold up through the toughest game, the toughest season, and all the grueling practices and workouts that build up to it.