Top 5 Best Basketball Knee Pads

Because basketball is such a fast moving, high impact sport, there is a great risk for knee and leg injury. The knees take a huge beating when you play, propelling you upwards, and cushioning you as you land. By wearing knee pads, a player may be able to prevent some injuries. Certainly, you will be able to recoup faster after one. The main goal of knee protector pads is to soften the impact when you land back on the floor. They also serve to prevent floor burns, and reduce the impact when knees collide with the opponent's knees. Here we've selected the top five best basketball knee pads for you to check out.

1. McDavid Hex Knee/Elbow Shin Pad

This multi-use pad will work on either knee, shin, elbow, or forearm. It is made of nylon which ensures that the construction is not only very durable, but stretches well. You will find that the knee protector holds the stretch for longer than other protectors. The padding is superior and will be noticeably better in a fall. It retains the shape better over a longer period of time. This product is lightweight and breathable which makes it comfortable to wear. The new moisture management technology means that it ensures you will not sweat while wearing it.

2. COOLOMG Pad Crash Proof Basketball Knee Protector

This set of basketball pads has a honeycomb design at the front which helps to keep the compression pad firmly in place. Not only that, but it serves as more protection in the event of a fall. The fabric is high quality and soft to touch. It is a tight compression fit to ensure the most protection for your knees. Additionally, there is a feature which keeps your muscles hot while you play, so no change of straining them. This comes in a variety of colours ranging from black and white to pinks and oranges. This is certainly the pad set to choose if you like colour!

3. iMusi Extended Compression Basketball Sleeve with kneepad

Here we have one of the best knee compression sleeves for basketball. This is made from high quality lycra spandex with soft elastic polyester. The material has been treated so that it is antibacterial to reduce odours. This design is very popular with both professionals and college athletes, because of the protection which comes from the 10mm Hex pad. The compression promotes faster muscle recovery and encourages blood circulation. This is a very well-made product, which fits well and stays up. The elastic retains its shape well, and it is comfortable to wear for long periods.

4. Knee Sleeves COOLOMG Sports EVA Knee Pads

These are machine washable, made from high quality soft fabric and elastic polyester. The pads are tear resistant to last longer, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. There is also a sun protection factor of 98%. The padding in the knee protectors is very effective against falls and contact with the lower legs as well as the knees. These come with a 100% lifetime guarantee, and the mantra is that they offer a No Reason Refund, No Reason Resend policy.

5. Yaheetech Leg Knee Sleeve Protecto

This has a stretchable knee protector, and a knee support brace. Comes with a long sleeve so can also protect the calves. Made of high quality soft elastic and polyester, the pads are mixed with resin to prevent tear. The compression technology means that there is faster muscle recovery and good blood circulation. The long length sleeves come with 10mm Hex pad protection. This basketball knee protector can be used by either women, men, or youngsters. This, is a very secure fit which will not slip down when playing. It is also lightweight and comfortable and will not slow you down. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Knee pads are worn in many sports such as cycling, roller skating and even cricket. There is no reason why basketball should not be included here, because the reason they are worn is to protect the knees. This may not only come from falling, but also from being knocked by another player. These days, knee pads are better made and far more comfortable. Not only do they offer protection, but they also help in the recovery process. Be sure to choose knee pads from a reputable dealer, who is prepared to put his name on the line, when it comes to the quality of the product.