Top 5 Basket Ball Shoes

When it comes to basketball sneakers, it’s vital that they allow you to play well on the court. Off the court however, basketball sneakers can help pull off a certain look too. These sneakers are bound to help you get the edge over your opponents and impress your teammates. Whether you choose to add them to your collection of fashion statements or simply to rip up the court, the right pair of shoes can make the difference between winning and losing. This guide on the top basketball shoes will try to guide you and help narrow down the search to find the perfect trainer, for you.

1. Nike Air Force 1

Nike’s Air Force 1s are arguably the most popular basketball shoe of all time. The iconic white on white colour scheme was created in 1982 when the Air Force 1s were first sold. The neutral colour scheme was applied to high top only shoe, but this changed the following year when more colours and size variations ensued. This is where Nike created the low top basketball shoe that we all know and love today. However, if you’re not a fan of the plain colour scheme and you’d like to show off a little more, rest assured there are plenty of much more vibrant schemes to choose from.

2. Nike Hyperdunk 2014

Again, we have another addition from Nike because when it comes to high top basketball shoes, Nike really do lead the pack. The Hyperdunk 2014s are a bit different compared to its retro counterparts, though. This sneaker takes a more modern approach to design and materials and it’s immediately noticeable when you first set your eyes on them. With breathability and manoeuvrability in mind, if you’re a fast-paced player that needs a lightweight but supportive shoe then the Hyperdunk 2014s are the choice for you. These sneakers are specifically designed for summertime use, so they’ll stand the test when it comes to heat and breathability needs.

3. Nike Air Command Force

If you recognise these trainers, congratulations on having a particularly good eye. These shoes are the pair that Woody Harrelson wore while playing the role of Billy Hoyle in ‘White Men Can’t Jump’. They have an incredibly high cut and come in a variety of colours, but the most popular is the white, black and lime colourway. They come with a fully functional air bladder system, so your feet stay protected even under stress and impact. Not only is this shoe comfortable and practical, but it’s actually very comfortable and fun to wear. If you too want to prove yourself on the court, maybe these are the right shoes for you.

4. Reebok Kamikaze 

If you want to go a little outside the norm and go with a sneaker not made by Nike, you should look at the Reebok Kamikazes. These mid top basketball shoes manage to straddle the line between support and manoeuvrability. If you want the best of what’s on offer from a low top and a high top, the Reebok Kamikazes are unquestionably a strong contender for consideration. If you were a fan of 90s basketball, perhaps you remember these sneakers on the feet of Seattle Supersonics superstar Shawn Kemp. If they’re good enough for an NBA player with six All-Star awards, they’re definitely good enough for us mere mortals.

5. Nike Air Jordan Spike Forty PE

A guide to the top basketball shoes would be remiss if it didn’t include Jordans. This eye-catching pair of sneakers are comfortable in any situation. Not only do they allow you to play like a pro, but they are fantastic in terms of comfort and style too. Said by many to be the most comfortable pair of Jordans ever made, these sneakers really do perform well on and off the court. They’re made from lightweight mesh and come with a padded collar as well as a clear rubber outsole, so they really are an all-purpose basketball shoe. For someone looking for a sneaker they can play in as well as walk to and from the court in, these Jordans might just be the perfect fit.

Choosing the right pair of basketball shoes is never a simple task. If you know where to look though, you can find the right pair of sneakers to suit your needs. Nike seem to dominate the basketball sneaker market and it’s easy to see why; they boast a vast collection to choose from and they do make quality products. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t feel the need to be part of the crowd and you’d be more comfortable wearing a sneaker that is just as good but from a less popular brand, maybe the likes of a Reebok trainer are more suited to your style. In any case, you have countless options to choose from and we hope that this guide has helped narrow down your search.