So, you play basketball. (Maybe, not professionally, but you sure dream about doing it one day.)

What I want to say is: You’re not an average player. You’re passionate about the sport. It’s more than ‘just a game’ for you.

You’re serious about pushing your limits. Excited by the potential of making a career like Michael Jordan did. You want to play in the NBA one day, like every serious basketball player.

Successful basketball stars make a lot of money and gather a lot of fame. But that’s not all. There are endorsement deals, ads, and more...They have the skills to beat the rest. To make a play out of nothing and turn the game around.

To be like them or better, you have to train hard for years. Improve your skills, because if you don’t do that, there’s no way you’re gonna make it. But apart from having great skills with the basketball, there’s one more thing that can improve your chances to succeed - the right equipment. The right basketball shoes.

Smart basketball players know that skills alone aren’t enough. You have to wear the proper gear - to protect yourself from injuries, to move fast, and to dominate the court. And they know which shoes work the best for them. Do you?

Hi, I’m Tyse and I’m here to help. If you’re committed to excel at basketball and want help with finding the best basketball shoes, this blog is for you.

Why ShoesNSports?

One search for basketball shoes and you will be shocked with the sheer number of shoes available for you to purchase. All kinds of colors, sizes and material. You have then two options - spend hours & hours on the internet looking for the right shoes or…

Trust someone who knows what to look for. Who has the experience of helping many others get their perfect shoes and up their game.

ShoesNSports solves the second problem. I’m that guy who can help you get the shoes that were made for you.

Every moment that you could’ve spent on practicing your skills but you didn’t - is an advantage you give to your competitors. I get that, and so I share all my knowledge and tips about the best basketball shoes you can get.

My reviews are honest and I only recommend what I’ve tested and found to work. My goal is to see you on the court, in your best basketball shoes.

Connect with me to get my advice & buying guides on basketball shoes. Let me help you make your game better.